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A Passion for the Past: Creative Teaching of U.S. History (1998)
Page: 176pp
ISBN: 0325000611
Description: In his first book, James Percoco seeks to push teachers and students to look beyond the pages of a history textbook and examine history through the lens of applied history. Through the various techniques tried and tested in his own classroom, he demonstrates how teachers can inspire thier students to have a passion for the past.(Paraphrased from the Heinemann Press website)
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For more information: A Passion for the Past at Heinemann Press

Divided We Stand: Teaching about Conflict in U.S. History (2001)
Page: 235pp
ISBN: 0325003297
Description: Divided We Stand is meant to present teachers with options and tools to discuss controversial and sensitive topics in U.S. history classes. This book describes, through the latest methodology and pedagogy, how teachers can challenge their students while exploring historical themes such as gender, race, and civil rights which remain relvant in today's society. .
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For more information: Divided We Stand at Heinemann Press

Summers with Lincoln: Looking for the Man in the Monuments
(Published March 2008 from Fordham University Press)

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"[Summers with Lincoln is] a unique and inspiring story….part iconographical history and part travelogue; it allows modern readers again to understand—to feel—the power of these silent monuments." --Harold Holzer, author of Lincoln at Cooper Union and winner of the Lincoln Prize

Description: In his third book, Jim Percoco examines many of the nearly 200 memorials erected in the memory of Abraham Lincoln as part of a quest to learn what these monuments meant when they were unveiled, mean to the nation today, and to him.This book is the first in 50 years to explore Lincoln sculpture within the construct of post Civil Rights America.

Summers with Lincoln gives a tantalizing and far different look at Abraham Lincoln than ever before, while prodding the reader to question assumptions about Lincoln, civic commemoration, American civil religion, collective memory and mythology.


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